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🔃 PTC Link Exchange/Advertise
« on: June 19, 2015, 09:26:33 AM »

#for Advertisers :
We give you advertising on all joined sites, for as low costs $1 per 2,000 PTC clicks.
PM me if interesting.

#for Exchangers :
We offer new system allow PTC owners to deal PTC Link Exchange with other PTC sites.

Simply, It's PTC Link Rotator, You add your site on it, and you will get ptc visits equal to visits you are sending to our rotator yesterday.

Make sure that only PTC sites are allowed to join, and only unique hits are counted for both sending/receiving visitors.

click here to see list of site which are using rotator now..

Features :
- PTC Link Exchange on All other joined PTC sites.
- Exchange Anytime, Stop it Anytime!
- 1:1 exchanger, Get 1 click to your site for each 1 click you give to other.
- No exchange minimum or limit!
- Instant approval!

How to start ?
1- Join, or login if you already have account.

2- Click here to add your site to our rotator :

3- Get PTC Rotator Link info (title, url, banner) and add to our site as new PTC Link.
You can find Ad info by clicking on 'Exchanger'.

4- It's all!. wait for sending/receiving PTC clicks from and into your site!

Notice : Each day, all traffic you send to our rotator will be send same number of visits to your site next day.

We give you 100 clicks free when you join!

What is exchange ratio?
We have 1:1 actual visit to visit exchange ratio.

What about raw clicks?
raw clicks will only display random ad of rotator with no effects. means sent/received data will not be changed to keep delivering unique clicks only.

I started the exchange, but then i'm no longer interested with this offer. how to stop?
Simply remove our rotator ad from your site if you want to end this or pause for sometime, no need to contact us for stopping it or activating it while it's always instant.
Once you remove/disable our Rotator Link from your site, the service will be stopped till you get the number of clicks equal to your sent.

Can i try it with some clicks only?
Yes, and will also get 100 free clicks.

What do you get if exchange ration is 1:1 , do you give this service for free ??
huh?, i get nothing other than selling my own site clicks and small link on rotator header.

For any question send me PM or post replies here.

Have fun!


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