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[FREE] fjSnippet #2 - Site_Info v1.0
« on: February 19, 2013, 03:50:14 PM »
If you have an aurora script you will have a file called site_info.php

The file is part of the check for monitoring authorized usage of your script.
The url to complete the check is http://www.THESITEDOMAIN.COM/index.php?view=site_info
Often the license key for the site will be very long and it will not look good on the page.

You can replace the existing code in your site_info.php file with the code provided below and you should get more structured display that fits on the page.

View the example in action at
Code: [Select]

$key = SITE_KEY;

<table cellpadding="5" border="2">
<td><b>Registered Modules</b></td>
"Domain: ".SETTING_DOMAIN."<br />".
"X Exchange: ".SETTING_CE."<br />".
"Paid To Click: ".SETTING_PTC."<br />".
"Paid To Promote: ".SETTING_PTP."<br />".
"Paid To Signup: ".SETTING_PTSU."<br />".
"Paid To Read ads: ".SETTING_PTRA."<br />".
"Paid To Read: ".SETTING_PTR."<br />"


<td><b>License Key</b></td>
echo substr($key050);
echo "<br>";
echo substr($key5050);
echo "<br>";
echo substr($key10050);
echo "<br>";
echo substr($key15050);


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