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« on: January 03, 2021, 08:15:46 PM »
EncuestasSurveyWork is an excellent page to earn money with different tasks: surveys, offers wall, referrals, etc.
All the activities make you accumulate pennies, which can then be exchanged for a wide variety of prizes or rewards (available payments: Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, different banks, raffles, Netflix, among many others, very complete, really)

The first step is to enter the page and fill out a quick registration form and you will earn a welcome bonus of USD 5 (half the minimum payment, interesting isnt it?).

The page has been working since 2016 which shows that it is reliable and serious.
The first section we can find on the left side panel is: surveys and it consists of two subsections:
Personalized (Peanut Labs) and Daily (Wannads) although this may vary over time. The idea is to go testing since every day they are modified (even several times a day).

The second section is the offers wall, where we will find:
Ads cent media

Here you have to try according to the tastes of each one, you can get more surveys or small paid games, the installation of Apps and much more, it is a matter of entering each of them.

If you get referrals, the page pays you USD 1 for each referral (once it has reached the amount of 100 Cents or, which is the same, USD 1).
And as last, but not least, way to win is the “Tasks” section, where they propose 3 options:
“Create a video on YouTube where you recommend survey Work. You can use any content on our website. Try to use voice and not text. Minimum: 5min. " You pay USD 2 for each video.
"Post an article on your blog, recommending Survey Work, written by you, of at least 500 words." USD 3 is paid.
“Post an invitation to any forum for readers to sign up for survey work. At least 300 words. Place your referral link. 1.00 $ USD Per forum ”. This is what we are doing right now LOL

SurveysSurveyWork supports users all over the world including Spain and Latam countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Brazil, Chile or Bolivia.

And, as its name implies, you can work perfectly in Spanish.

I hope it serves you, I leave my link again in case someone interested wants to register with it:



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