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« on: June 30, 2008, 08:59:47 AM »
This is a very good site.
To keep all the gears working properly, the ShareAdSpace system was designed with both the members and advertisers in mind. Since the bulk of the member's earnings are redeemable for advertising credits only, as the membership grows, the advertising grows automatically.

When real cash is entered into the system via direct advertising purchases, member upgrades and third party affiliate revenue, a portion of that cash is added to the surfer's revenue pool so the members can receive random cash prizes while surfing.

You can play game when you are surfing.
There are several ways to surfing:
1 Trade or No Trade surf ratios are as follows

Level 1: Surf 10 pages between game guesses
Level 2: Surf 7 pages between game guesses
Level 3: Surf 6 pages between game guesses
Level 4: Surf 5 pages between game guesses
Level 5: Surf 4 pages between game guesses
2 Traditional surf ratios are as follows:

Level 1: .4:1 ratio (surf 10 pages, receive 4 credits back)
Level 2: .5:1 ratio (surf 10 pages, receive 5 credits back)
Level 3: .6:1 ratio (surf 10 pages, receive 6 credits back)
Level 4: .7:1 ratio (surf 10 pages, receive 7 credits back)
Level 5: .8:1 ratio (surf 10 pages, receive 8 credits back)
3 PTP Exchange surf ratio is:

All Levels: .5:1 ratio (surf 10 pages, receive 5 credits back)

The PTP Exchange is a surf for ranking exchange. The more you surf per day, the higher your ranking among your peers. The higher your ranking, the higher your priority of other members viewing your page first. Your rank will be on display in your member area Page list.

At midnight server time, the hits ranking will reset for all members so that a new ranking is compiled the next day. This will ensure that the most active members of each day will receive priority treatment.

4 Match Game Surfer
Match 2 identical prizes and win that prize amount. Remove at least half of the boxes (38 or more) to qualify to unlock the next level. Complete all 5 levels to submit one entry into the weekly CASH drawing. Avoid the Lose Credits and Game Over boxes while accumulating as many prizes as possible.
You can advertise in page,banner,textlink,markquee

An enjoyable surfing experience for the members.
An excellent value for the advertisers.
That's the ShareAdSpace way!

no reflink pls :'(

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