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Dear members,

Today we're launching a new, innovative bux website: BuxAdNet - The Bux Advertising Network - the perfect place for advertisers, webmasters and online earners to come together and exchange traffic instantly. Whether you have a website, product, service or referral-/affiliate link you need to promote, BuxAdNet offers you the easiest and fastest way to receive traffic for your website. The system is simple: click the available advertisements from our members and advertisers and for every click you make, you can get yourself one unique visitor back to your own website. Not only do you receive this for your own clicks, but also for your referral clicks. To indicate that we're especially an advertising network more than a paid to click website, we work with Points instead of Dollars for account balances. Where (basicly) 1P equals 1 Unique Visitor to your website (however it of course depends on the kind of advertisement you'd like to place).

What we offer our members:

  • Earn up to 2P per click AND per referral click.
  • No direct referrals limit. Get yourself unlimited direct referrals for unlimited traffic flow to your website!
  • High traffic exchange rate of up to 1:1.
  • Unlimited ads to click, meaning unlimited traffic for your website!
  • Random click bonuses for active clickers. Bonuses of up to 10.000P!
  • Upgraded members receive great benefits and get paid for their clicks: $5.00 per 10.000P.
  • Contests with great prizes.
  • We're user-friendly and will always be supportive to our members.
  • A well-planned, longterm business relationship.

The first weeks especially, we will be working on improving the system to get the system to be totally stable for a longterm business (intentially forever).

Any suggestions or feedback in general is welcome and greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,


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