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Re: Main Page Updated
« Reply #20 on: April 06, 2009, 01:13:59 PM »
I've noticed recently that the background color has changed to this gray color.  To be honest...I really don't care for it.  Of course, it is your home, and I will make myself as comfortable with it as possible.  Perhaps you could offer another color scheme for your users.  I prefer a lighter background for myself.

Thank you in advance for considering my proposal.

funny remark . looking at your avatar picture makes me thing that you surf the web whit your glases on and that why you nwanted a lighter background :D 8)

Wow...that was such an old post, that I pretty much forgot about it :D

Naw...don't wear the shades while on the 'puter....but they do look kewl, don't they  LOL

ROFL I would like to know how you came up with username? Do you think you are in the mob or an Australian gangster from the underworld?
I hope you don't take offense to this question knowing your real name is John but the username intrigues me :)

No offense taken.  This is how it happens (sorry for the following long

I used to be in love with a woman that loved black cats.  As I loved her...I began to love black cats too.  So much, that it became a part of me (IE: my company name is Black Cat Enterprises).  I also used to write poetry, and went under the name of el Gato Negro: The Black Cat.

Being that I wanted to represent the cat in my online activities, but didn't want to use the el Gato Negro; I decided on something a little different; but not to far from the original.  In the Latin, Don is a title of Respect.  Such examples as Don Corleone, or Don Quixote come to mind.

So the name dongatto63 is an amalgamation of don (Mr or title of respect) + Gatto (Italian Spelling of Cat) + 63 (the year of my birth).

I hope this clarifies this matter for you.