Author Topic: [WTS] Payout Levels A.k.A Stepped Payouts [ Addon For Aurora Scripts ]  (Read 1374 times)

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- Idea Behind This Addon :

> Lots of owners prefer to increase or decrease payouts according to members activity , Some would like to reward members for being active by decreasing the payout amount with each payout request ( Like i do in my site ) Or like to increase amount of each payout as it sometimes help keeping site stable so it's according to owner point of view

- How Does It Work ?

1- In withdraw options in admin panel the old withdraw minimum for standard and premium members is totally replaced with payout levels as in this image :

So as you see you can set different options for standard and upgraded members like you can make levels for standards go up and for premium go down or both up or down which ever you prefer

2- You can edit your current withdraw options methods to add levels to it as well , As shown in this image :

3- In member withdraw page they see payout levels for standard and upgraded members :

The value changes according to either member is free or upgraded as seen here :

* Free :

* Upgraded :

4- Withdraw minimum automatically adjusts after each cashout as following :

* Free member 2nd cashout :

* Upgraded member 2nd cashout :

- Same applies for rest of cashouts

- In all previous images you will notice that minimum values adjust automatically , So it's not going to be just error messages , It will be correct values with live update according to member type and cashout number

- About This Addon :

1- Coded on SDR 3 script , But it will work on all aurora based scripts without problem ( Script files must not be encrypted tho ) .
2- Addon comes installed only .
3- Addon price is 20$ ( 3$ Extra are charged for sites hosted on non cpanel hosting )
4- Future updates price will be listed with the update when it's released .
5- Reinstall price will be 10$
6- Payment methods accepted are : Paypal & Payza & Neteller
7- For any questions or demo , Just post here or PM


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