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« on: February 10, 2009, 01:06:02 PM »

this site is registered to leslie aleen.   'leslie' owns sharebux  networks.
he admits owning,, and sharethebux.   all 4 of these sites are based on shares and pay according to the profit the sites make by selliing advertising.   members complain because the conversion rate is really low.    leslie aka ptcqueen says its because he doesnt sell advertising.

megacashclicks belonged to gptnetworks scam,  it has been around since 2004.   it disappeared in 2007. now they sold it to leslie who is just going to use it to scam some more.

i was once stupid enough to buy an upgrade on lalos (dis)honestbux.  i paid to a paypal registered to miranda aleen,  leslies last name is aleen. coincidence? dont think so.

the whois on earn50 and earningsecrets is registered to lalo.

Whois Record

   5a martha rita prince
   matamoros, tamaulipas 87557

      Created on: 16-Dec-08
      Expires on: 16-Dec-09
      Last Updated on: 16-Dec-08

   Administrative Contact:
      parks, john 
      5a martha rita prince
      matamoros, tamaulipas 87557
      (868) 171-2895      Fax --

lalos moms name is debbie.  we know that because he told us when he said he couldnt pay her hospital bill because of his frozen paypals.
sharethebux is registered to

john parks/lalo/amnlwalkr/latinptc or whatever name he is using this week,  used to own scam sites like (dis)honestbux and busyclicks. he scammed thousands with those sites.

paydayptc and (dis)honestbux scam used the same paypal account to make a few payouts. both used lalos,4748.msg23825.html#msg23825

ptcqueen probably is lalo,  if not its just lalo hiding behind one of his many, many family members.   maybe its his son addam?

if he can't selll advertising to pay more than 4c on his stupid shares sites,  what makes him think he is going to sell advertising on his scammy 1c bux site???


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Re: megacashclicks
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2009, 05:19:50 PM »
Hi, Everyone! - New Instant PTC same Chillbux

standard members
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edit: ref link removed,  already added to the scam list!
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