Author Topic: Passive Earning script! Inculutus' Passive Earner script!  (Read 893 times)

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Passive Earning script! Inculutus' Passive Earner script!
« on: September 23, 2015, 10:40:49 AM »

Inculutus' Passive Earner

We're glad to announce Inculutus' Passive Earner (or iPassiveEarner) after spending few days on its development lately. While, spending some time attempting to find a passive earning script, I failed to find one. This means that there could be a demand for this script as the interested parties can directly purchase the script and get it working in 5 minutes setup.

Passive-Earning sites usually involve a site where people can invest and then sit-back and relax. Then, over time, they get their promised shares back. For instance, you may invest $5 at one and then receive $6 or $7 after a month or so with no efforts at all. Yes, this is passive earning model and it's relatively profitable for both the admin and the end-user.

Now back to the main plan, iPassiveEarner lets you to create a passive-earning script in no time with a couple of more features. Made with security in mind, the script is fully bullet-proof against the bad-guys and cheaters who attempt to create multiple accounts. Furthermore, the script contains Daily Ads, Banner Ads and Login Ads along with a fully-functioning admin panel.

iPassiveEarner is ridiculously cheap and costs only $59 but provides huge loads of features. The script is unique and there has been no such script in the market so far. Built on unique, stable and profitable idea, it got no match.

The script got a friendly interface and comes packed with the Getting Started guide and necessary site pages like Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc.

There's no encryption, you have full-control over the code. Ofcourse, you can't redistribute it but you can modify it to meet your own needs. The script comes with a decent Bootstrap theme to make things further easy for you and your designer.

You can different kinds of memberships, advertising packages, and decide the share rates and much more. Backup and optimize the database in one click and much more. Use EVAL to execute PHP and MySQL code directly from admin panel and use other tons of other great features.

The script also contains forums and support center. Have a great community for your users and control support messages in a more systematic and better method rather than the conventional method of contact forms.


1. Robust, powerful and ridiculously good!
2. Make and remove account memberships with ease.
3. Look at the shares, user created advertisements and much more.
4. Uses SolveMedia to increase site revenue.
5. Robust security.
6. Multiple payment processors including PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and CratePay.
7. Forums and Support Center.
8. We provide great support for the script.


User Panel:
User: admin
Password: password

Admin Panel: (with disabled features)
Password: areeb

Costs only $59! BUY NOW!!!
Purchases can be done via Inculutus or simply via messaging.


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