Author Topic: I'm amazed this website is still up and running.  (Read 1646 times)

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I'm amazed this website is still up and running.
« on: November 04, 2012, 02:13:33 PM »
One reason why i say that is because most people on here do not support their so called "scam claimes with hard evidence" i bet 99% of ptc sites are on here as fake , scam sites  for one reason or another. Just because they are unhappy with one thing or another. This site should b closed for defamatory. I myself will belooking into  this case.

My website is on the "scam site list" i work hard to try an give my website a good reputation. Spending time and money on advertising campaigns. trying to make it work. Yet on the forum and on the sites to avoid. There i am. I purchased my website in 2009.   Since then i have tried hard to make a go of the website . Redesigned it etc. Yet on her its still marked as a scam site. How is this going to help anyon that's  trying to start out in the ptc world?

I will be writing a formal letter to the administrator who in tern stated that my site is a scam wiouth any supporting evidence. I will also  be looking into a defamatory claim.

By all means if a number of people have  had problems with websites then maybe  they could be dodgy.  But i can guarantee a lot of them are just people trying to make a go of things.


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Re: I'm amazed this website is still up and running.
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2012, 08:01:47 PM »
Just a point of view:
Sites don't go to scam lists for nothing.
I have seen that  scammers usually try to blackmail, threaten issues, show fake proofs, create multiple fake accounts and try many tricks to mask their dishonest activities.
It never worked.

It would be easier, I think, if they just do what they promise.
Pay members.
Satisfied members ask admins to remove sites from scam lists, with proofs. I have seen this a lot of times.
They ask for reviews (so as honest owners do too) and so on.

By the other hand, you see the huge number of people that still join bux to.
See how many noobs don't make a research before joining scam sites.
So, what difference it makes?

Btw, are you talking about xtremeclickerz ?

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Re: I'm amazed this website is still up and running.
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2012, 11:53:41 PM »
welcome to talkptc jirospark  ;D

we do not take just 1 members word,  we check all sites before they are added to our scam list
if a site gets sold or a domain expires and somebody else buys it then the new owner should have the brain to ask google about what he is buying before he buys
if he doesnt do that he can always ask us to remove his new site from our scam list.   we will check and if indeed there is a new owner,  we will remove the site from the list

your amazed we are still up and running?  i guess that means you have seen us before?
so if you have owned this 'anonymous' site since 2009 then why haven't you asked to have it removed?
in fact why aren't you asking to have it removed now?

as you haven't bothered to even name you site i guess its just more fun to drop in with unproven accusations

we are not very formal around here so i can't wait to get your formal letter   =:))


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