Author Topic: [WTS] Cashouts Notifier Addon [ For Aurora Scripts ]  (Read 1378 times)

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[WTS] Cashouts Notifier Addon [ For Aurora Scripts ]
« on: July 22, 2014, 09:07:38 PM »
> Benefits of cashouts notifier addon :

- Most admins [ especially those at start up ] do like to give members faster payouts with minimum delays , but that would need a continuous site check and login to see if any pending cashouts , But this addon solves this issue , It will instantly sent email to admin once a cashout request is submitted , Also if cashout request was cancelled by user , It will send another email to notify admin that cashout request was cancelled

> Integration In Script [ How Does It Work ] :

1- In admin panel , In withdraw options , When you create or edit withdraw options , You will be able to choose if you like to get email notifications for cashout requests for this processor or no , So for example you can disable it for paypal cashouts , but enable it for payza if you like , Or for any other processor you have on site

This is explained in the following images :

2- Now when a user requests cashout , Admin will get email notifying him/her with that , Listing username and cashout amount

As explained in following image :

3- If the user cancelled his/her cashout request , Admin will get email notifying him that cashout request of that user was cancelled

As explained in the following image :

-In email notifications site title shows so owners will be able to know from which site cashout was requested or cancelled

- About this addon :

1- Coded on SDR 3.1 but will work on any aurora based script
2- Comes installed only , No install files will be given
3- Price is 10$ [ For encrypted versions of aurora price will be higher than the standard price ]
4- Future updates prices will be listed once update is available
5- Reinstall price is 5$
6- Payment methods accepted are : paypal , payza , all major credit cards , perfect money , okpay , egopay , solidtrustpay
7- For questions or any extra details , Please post here or PM


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