Author Topic: Why Is My Thread On The Move?  (Read 8688 times)

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Why Is My Thread On The Move?
« on: September 16, 2017, 08:34:05 AM »
Hello Admin,
I noticed that the thread I created has been moved.
reason : DUP merged ref link removed

My thread is already 2x on move.

example of my first thread : BicoFarm
if you notice my thread this, there is nothing wrong with the thread.Why? because I give a full explanation and also include the name of the site.

example of my second thread : EthereumClix - Earn Free Ethereum
on the thread I created there is an explanation of information that I think is very complete and there is a minimum change to cashout.

I feel there is an injustice here, in this forum or in other forums.

-One thread per PTC site (duplicates will be merged or deleted).
-One site per thread.
-Search, before posting a new PTC website

before i create thread, i always look for thread title that i will make.but why other members can still create threads with the same title?
 while I'm not.

Example Thread :
The First Thread

-The title of the thread must include the name of the site.
-The post must include details of real click value at the time of posting, ref earnings, payout (up to XX cents will get the ref link removed)

each time I create a thread always include the name of the site.but why other members can create threads without naming sites?.everytime I make my thread always try to provide information with detail as much as possible.but why members who only provide short information are allowed to create their threads?.

if you have new information within 24 hours edit your post, if it has been more than 24 hours add a new post

I see that there are members who update but make a new post when the time set in the rules still have not passed 24 hours.

on any board I always find that there are members who violate the rules in the forum when it has been created rules on the board one by one.I'm sorry admin, I'm a newbie in this forum but in terms of forum rules or other sites that are not related to forums, I'm not a newbie.Because before I sign up, the first step I take is to read the rules.

Thanks Admin

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Re: Why Is My Thread On The Move?
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2017, 01:30:00 PM »
hi J

there is a reason behind ever move  ;D

your bitcofarm was a dup topic so it was merged with the original topic
also notice your ref link was not removed since the op has less than 10 posts and has not logged in for a month

your ethereumclix same thing but op is active daily so you ref link was removed

you can see by checking date and time on the posts that the original topics were posted before yours

the ultimatebux topics are different in that the first topic is locked because that ultimatebux was posted in 2013 and it closed in 2013
the new topic is a new site with a new registration
the toipics would have been merged if it had been a relaunch of the same old site

our rules are the same for everyone and i am sure i sometimes miss something but thats the reason each post has a report button so if you feel a post does not follow the rules please report and it will be checked

if you have any other questions feel free to ask  :)