Author Topic: My Racoon Coin Payouts---[ Now 170 racoon= 1 WAX= 400 satoshi ]  (Read 111 times)

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FREE Racoon Coins.
Already traded  at Alcor Exchange.
[ Now 170 racoon= 1 WAX= 400 satoshi ]
No need to withdraw
[ Paid direct to your wax wallet]
1.Get your wax wallet here: ]
2.Open and choose' wax wallet'.

More details:
You can see your achievements there for example login for 5 days.
You will see in your dashboard your level and the amount of raccoon coins then after earning your first 100 raccoon coin you will see the claim button
Additional raccoon just by liking, adding others collection into my wishlist
Dont forget to start levelling  up to get more rewards.
You an see your coins on alcor exchange when you connect to your wax wallet


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