Author Topic: How to run sustainable PTC sites  (Read 1227 times)

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How to run sustainable PTC sites
« on: November 01, 2019, 02:07:50 AM »
OK guys. We are all sick of Ponzi PTC Sites. I am gonna tell
You how to run a sustainable PTC site.

PTC Sites sell advertising. If you offer anyone a greater commission on an upgrade that commission must be part
Of some type of profit. By profit I don't mean robbing Peter
To pay Paul because Peter will run out of money.

Your profit must be advertising based. Let's talk a little about
PTC traffic quality.

It's bad, OK. It's incentivised traffic that people click on for money.
The ads they have no real interest in. So, 1000 credits is not worth
$1.00. If it was these PTC Sites wouldn't go out of business.

What do I value it at?

10,000 credits for a $1.00. That's what it's worth. You won't get
Rich on it. It must be upscaled to make more money.

So, here is how you set up your site.

.0001 ads for 7 seconds and 1 credit cost
.0002 ads for 10 seconds and 2 credit cost
.0003 ads for 12 seconds and 3 credit cost
.0004 ads for 15 seconds and 4 credit cost

I sell 100 PTC credits for a penny. 500 PTC credits for .05, 1000 for
.10, and 10000 for $1.00

Banner ads I give more credits. 10000 banners for .01

Your payout has to be low  People want paid ASAP. Once you start
Paying them they click and buy.

If you have zero fees make minimum payout .10

If you have fees Make it $1.00

Aurora Coderz has good hosting for Aurora site. You can get
A year of hosting for $50 that has unlimited data storage and
Bandwidth. You need the storage cause you will get tens of
Thousands of members.

I wish people would do this. I am so tired of seeing these ponzis


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