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How to get PTC referrers
« on: April 19, 2020, 12:19:04 AM »
Hello guys. My name is Terry Guile. I run Police PTC that has been
Online for 5.5 years now.

I have been involved in internet advertising since 1999.

I had one of the biggest guitar tab sites on the internet and MIDI
Sites back then and was getting over 30000 unique views a day
Making $1000 a month. In today's money that would be $1500.

I can get sites ranked on Google and my PTC sites have many
Backlinks to them. Hundreds of unique domains linking in.

Along the way I was always looking for advertisers, increased click
Through rates, and read many articles on advertising and such.

This background allowed me to run a sustainable PTC sites from
The start because I understood the value of my advertisement.

My guitar sites had very high value to advertisers netting .25 for
100 unique views.

PTC sites give very poor value to advertisers netting .10 for 1000
Views. Yet it still has value.

Google bars PTC traffic from their Adsensce campaign and will
Delete your account if they see you are using it. They will find you
Out to very easily.

OK. That being said keep it in mind and I will show you how to build
Up your downlines.

You will get your advertising for free. How does that sound?
You will be putting money in to sustainable sites.

OK. You have all heard of Rotate 4 All? It was the first PTP rotator
And has paid me hundreds of dollars. Don't cheat it. That will
Destroy it. Send it the best traffic you can.

We will be buying advertising and sending hits to Rotate 4 All PTP
Page to earn money.

Rotate 4 All has custom scripting that is hard to cheat and requires
A timer to be focused on to get paid. As a result if you send 1000
Hits only about 500 will be counted. But this also gives value to
The advertiser. It's not a Ponzi scheme. It's a legitimate advertising
Business built on a solid foundation.

OK. Now we need to find places to send hits to Rotate 4 All.

Look for PTC sites that sell PTC credits for at the most  .15 for
1000 hits. Check out this site. See if it has low paying ads and
Lots of .0001 paying ads. If it does there is a good chance this
Site will be around for the long run. I know you want to be paid
Good for your clicks but the higher the ads price the quicker that
Site is gone. We're gonna be the boss folks hiring the workers.
We're gonna spend our time buying thousands of ads and upscaling. We're gonna build something that works.

OK. So you find a site that gives you 1000 credits for .15 or less.
500 of them will pay you. 500 hits to Rotate 4 All will pay you .20.

You know what that's calked folks? That's called making a profit.

You hired folks to click 1000 ads. All you do is add credits to your
Ad. It's sustainable and legit.

OK. You got .05 profit. That buys 333 PTC credits. You can get a
Referrer off that. FREE.

Look at Talk PTC everyday and look for sites that have PTC credits
For .15 for a 1000 or less. Then look at their ad prices. You don't
Want them paying more then a penny total. If they got 4 one cent ads forget about them.

Then start advertising other sites with the free credits. Advertise the new sustainable sites you find. Make a webpage and list all the sustainable good advertising sites on them and advertise that page. Keep doing this till you have 100 sites or more. By that
Time you can quit your day job with thousands of referrers at the PTC sites and Rotate 4 All as well.

It's like building a list. All your referrers are on your list. You can recommend  other things to them. Your reputation and trust is Paramount. If you start sending them to sites that will go out of
Business or rob them of investment money your reputation is
Ruined. These high paying investment sites will ruin your reputation.

That's what I am doing. Good luck all

One last thing. Always put (no cheat) in your ad title. Otherwise you
Will get bot clicks. Always check to see that you get at least 500
Hits to Rotate 4 All with 1000 credits.
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Re: How to get PTC referrers
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2020, 02:05:04 PM »
Hello. I do near enough what you suggest. Look for low cost ad sites to send traffic to rotate4all. 15 cent per thousand is a good maximum to pay. I also look for new sites that give free ads or a good amount in purchase balance to join. I then click until I get enough to make purchase.
All the best to you.


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