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Title: [WTS] Clix Grid Addon [ For Aurora Scripts ]
Post by: Ayman on June 18, 2014, 12:06:27 AM
Clix Grid Addon

> Benefits Of Clix Grid Addon :

- It allow owners to generate extra revenue by selling ads that doesn't cost much , And in same time provide members with chance to earn more money , The motivation of earning extra keeps the activity rates high and in same time since it's done as a chances , Not all clicks are paid for so it works for owners and members

> Integration In Script :

1- In admin panel , Owner will have new options including :

A- Grid settings : It includes Choosing Grid name , Timer of ads for standard and upgraded members , Daily prize limit [ Which is total sum of earnings for all members ] , Activating maintenance mod , Setting prizes , Earning chances , Grid prices on daily level as following :


B- Grid Links : From this page you will see all available grid ads , Their status , End time , Total clicks


C- Add Grid Link : From this page you will be able to setup a new grid link


2- In members side , Members will be able to see grid , Click ads , See winners and top winners , Plus their winnings and clicks status


3- Members will also be able to purchase and manage grid ads


- You can see live demo of the addon here : [ Username , Pass are admin ]
- If you have any questions please pm or post it here

- About this addon  :

1- Coded on SDR 3.1 but will work on any aurora based script
2- Comes installed only , No install files will be given
3- Price is 20$ [ For encrypted versions of aurora price will be higher than the standard price ]
4- Future updates prices will be listed once update is available
5- Reinstall price is 10$
6- Payment methods accepted are : paypal , payza , all major credit cards , perfect money , okpay , egopay , solidtrustpay
Title: Re: [WTS] Clix Grid Addon [ For Aurora Scripts ]
Post by: douie on March 14, 2016, 02:40:01 PM
Will this only work on  aurora scripts or can it work on any?

How would I go about buying it?
Title: Re: [WTS] Clix Grid Addon [ For Aurora Scripts ]
Post by: Ayman on March 14, 2016, 02:54:36 PM
Hello, This should work on any aurora version , including  Aurora Coderz , SDR , MRV , ..etc

Only version it will not be compatible with is gem script as i don't support installs of addons on it because it has lots of compatibility issues

And you can do the order by contacting me directly