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:: Rules fo r Posting ::
« on: February 14, 2008, 01:42:43 AM »
Success Stories/ Payment Proof Board Rules
instead of starting a new thread for each payout proof we have 1 thread for each site. 
If a site paid you please add your proof to the existing thread.
This will show other members how long a site has been paying and it becomes very obvious when a site stops paying and becomes a scam

Use the search button at the top of the board to find the thread.
only start a new thread if the site is not already listed on the success stories board.

the subject of the thread can only be the name of the site, anything else will be changed

Only post screenshots,  do not copy/paste, do not link to proof on blogs or anywhere else.

You may only add your referral link to the site  IF you add how long you waited for the payout
you may add your ref link once in each post

To prevent old scams being bumped to the first page you may only add comments such as 'congrats' if the proof posted is no older than 1 month
plz only congrats if you have some interest in the site.
congrats posted merely to increase post count will be removed
NO useless bumps

General Rules do apply

Thanks ;D
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