Author Topic: Aurora SDR & MRV Addons - Many + New Important Addons!  (Read 4460 times)

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Aurora SDR & MRV Addons - Many + New Important Addons!
« on: June 19, 2015, 09:42:26 AM »
Hello everyone!

I offer many addons available on to install on your PTC site at low costs :

New Addons :
- AdServer/Publishers Addon : members can earn from their blogs to show your Publishers ads, for $45
- Redirect URL for PTC Ads : members can set redirect url which open without frame after clicking on correct image, for $8
- Achievements Active Members Game : game allow your active members to get some bonus, for $45
- Troy Game : Paid to Play RPG game while members can buy upgrades for player and earn money, no longer available it has bugs
- Arcade Games : members earn money to play random games, +2000 games included and you display PTP ads while members playing, for $18
- Daily random Gift : members get free random credits + cash, for $8
- Money Box : a casino game, for $8
- Slots : nice casino game, for $35
- Included Forum : nice forum for members need no new registration to use, using same account used on your ptc site, for $20
- Paid to promote page : install promote page includes any admin ads and one ptp/popup ad, for $8
- KUPO Monthly Gift : install monthly gift which appear to active members only, for $18

Important Addons :
- Protect your site from fake admins : %70 of PTC sites can get new admins by hacking, hacking admin can do anything on your site, for $12
- Login IP check : suspend members has multi accounts depending on IP for 2 days or other you set, automatically when they login, for $8
- Fake orders protection : protect your site from getting Fake orders for free by hackers, for $15
- Advanced Ads Protection : upgrade your PTC Ads system to avoid getting free advertising, for $50

Other Addons :
- Chat box, chat box on side bar, or at any place with admin panel to edit or delete any post, for $8
- PTC Ads New Design : new design for PTC Ads, for $15
- Referrals Contest for Active only : to make referrals contest count only referrals who has number of clicks at least, for $18
- Fixed PTC Ads : sell fixed PTC ads for days instead of credits, for $10

You can test any of these addons on

If you need any new/more addons send me PM or contact at :
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