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:::::::::: General Forum Rules ::::::::::
« on: February 14, 2008, 12:40:42 AM »
Well, Talk PTC is in a way, a free speech forum, meaning that you can voice your opinion, no matter what it is, as long as you don't violate anyone else's rights with insults and whatnot.


General Rules
:: - General forum rules apply on all boards
:: - Respect Other Members
:: - No Profanity (Insults, Cursing, etc.)
:: - No Pornographic Images or links to pornography.
:: - No Flaming
:: - No Spamming
:: - No Spamming by PM
:: - No Referal links except on allowed boards
:: - No, no hidden or shortened links.
:: - Bump max once every 24 hours except in spamalot which is max bump once every 72 hours
:: - Do NOT make useless posts to increase post count
:: - Do NOT Post any suggestive material or links to suggestive material. Lets keep Talk PTC PG-13.
:: - Do NOT advertise, promote, spam other (incentivized) PTC forums or social network sites
:: - Do NOT post complaints about other PTC forums,  you chose to be there,  live with it  :P
:: - Do NOT advertise your blog except on the blog board or in your forum signature
:: - Do NOT advertise money exchanges
:: - Do not advertise illegal activity such as porn, autoclickers or VCC
:: - Do not attempt to bypass the rules by creating loopholes or an "alternative view" to a rule.
:: - In case of disagreement or dispute Aurora's decision is final  :D

:: - You must have a minimum of 5 non spam posts to add a sig
:: - You can choose to use bold or color in your signatures, maximum size 14
:: - Your can be 4 lines of text or 1 468x60 banner + 1 line of text
:: - Posts made for the soul purpose of spamming sigs will be removed as well as your sig being removed.
:: - To keep your sig you must remain active,  sigs are removed after 28 days of inactivity.
      Logging in once every 28 days to check your sig will not count as being active
:: - Do not link to other (incentivized) forums
:: - Do not advertise adult or dating websites
:: - Do not advertise illegal activity such as porn, autoclickers or VCC
Please note:  if a member is found to have a signature that doesn't conform to these guidelines TalkPTC staff will delete or change your signature.

:: - if you are inactive for 15 minutes your will be kicked
:: - if you are inactive for 30 minutes you will be banned for 10 hours
:: - do not spam
:: - do not post referal links, when invited send ref links by pm

Board Specific Rules
please check each board for the specific rules

Board Rules
:: - One thread per PTC site (duplicates will be merged or deleted).
:: - One site per thread.
:: - Search, before posting a new PTC website.
:: - The title of the thread must include the name of the site.
:: - The post must include details,  click value, ref earnings, payout for standard members,  upgrade is optional

:: - The first person to post a New Website may add his ref link IF he follows the above format
:: - IF the first poster is the owner of the site, the second poster may add a ref link to his reply
:: - NO referral links for additional posters, this includes masked ref links
:: - NO exchanges in new websites
:: - NO bumping in new websites,
      if you have new information within 48 hours edit your post
      if 48 hours have passed make a new post

:: - 1 thread for each site. 
      If a site paid you please add your proof to the existing thread.
:: - use the search button at the top of the board to find the thread.
      only start a new thread if the site is not already listed.
:: - the subject of the thread can only be the name of the site, anything else will be changed
:: - Only post screenshots,  do not link to proof on blogs or anywhere else.
:: - You may only add your referral link to the site  IF you add your membership status (standard/premium) as well as how long you waited for your payout.

:: - In order to post in the downlinebuilder you must have at least 5 quality posts in other parts of the forum
:: - In order to keep posting in the downline builder you must be an active member of the forum
:: - One thread per site
:: - One site per topic
:: - Topic name must be the name of the site
:: - If a site is adonly or shares, then include that in the name of the topic
:: - Include earnings, refs earning and payout.
:: - to prevent cheats and dup accounts, the ref link you post must be your username,  do not use the hidden ref links
:: - do not chit chat in the downline builder
:: - if you have not logged into the forum for 28 days the next member is free to post their ref link
:: - no site using free domain or free hosting
:: - no sites in the scam list or owned by known scammers

- the topic starter must post the deal in the thread, do not ask for pm for info or link to other forums, facebook or blogs
- stay in your own thread, do not spam!
- only use original links, no hidden or shortened links.
- Bump max once every 24 hours
- do not chit chat in the threads, stay on topic
- do not post offers or exchanges for other forums
- if you posted an exchange and your inactive or away make a post, let other know whats going on, if you have not logged in for 28 days your thread will be locked

:: - You must have at least 1 quality post in other boards to post in the blog section.
      Check your post count before posting. Post on referal boards, success stories and introductions do not contribute to your post count
:: - If you do not want to make 1 post on other boards you can still qualify by posting a reciprocal-link to TalkPTC on your blog.
:: - You can only bump your post once a week

:: - You must have 5 posts on other boards to spam in Spamalot
:: - Bump once every 72 hours

That is all. Please don't be afraid to voice your opinions!

Notice: Failure to adhere to these rules will result in your post being deleted, and may result in a ban from the forum after one warning.


Last updated june 18, 2012

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Re: :::::::::: General Forum Rules ::::::::::
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2010, 10:17:40 AM »
Rules changed:

As of now posts made in introductions and referal boards will add to post count

the downline builder and blog board are very prone to spammers, they will remain as they are now, 5 post minimum to start a topic. 5 posts is very easy to reach and a lot less than required on most forums

referal board rules updated:
as a test the 1 thread per topic starter has been removed. 

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Re: :::::::::: General Forum Rules ::::::::::
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2010, 03:15:08 PM »
good for members
hope they become active