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    • Wadnex SCAM - Suspended accounts
« on: July 15, 2017, 04:13:42 PM »

this is one of my first topics in TalkPTC forum. I hope it will help members, specially members that are registered in

If you are in GreatAdz, you may notice that yesterday the main balance started going down. In my case, I had more than $5 in my main balance ready to make my 2nd cashout, and at the end of the day I had -$2. Yes, a negative balance.

The administration added an "Anti-Cheat" ad that decreases the balance in $0.5. I did not click on it, but some of my referrals did it, and I earned a negative amount from them! So, I lost all my money, an my account balance is now negative.

Like me, a lot of members had the same issue, but admin did not say absolutely anything. The forum was filled with messages reporting the problem, but there wasn't an answer. Now there is not an "Anti-Cheat" ad, the admin has removed all the topics / messages related to this problem from the forum, and he has suspended my account (and I think the account of all members that had the same problem).

My account suspended:

And you only have to search stats of other users in the forum:
Stats of some members in the forum:

And, as I see, I am not the only member that has been banned without anny reason. Just take a look at this post in GreatAdz forum by another member:

And to all of this, we only have to add that no payments have been sent since 13 of July. Check the payment proofs page:

Has been your account suspended too? I think GreatAdz is SCAM. It was launched in 08-07-2017. It only lasted a week!


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