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PTSU Board Rules
« on: October 24, 2009, 08:14:42 AM »
This board is specifically for members offering PP or AP to other members for simply signing up to a site.

This can be a great way for new members to make some additional earnings but it is also an extra risk (new) members choose to take.

TalkPtc staff will check general forum rules and board specific rules are followed but we have no way to track every user and/or offer. if you have a complaint about the PTSU board post in the reports board here.  Proven cheaters will be dealt with.
You use this board at your own risk so before joining any of the PTSU do some research into the person making the offer, negative karma? any complaints? any payout proof?

This is NOT a referal exchange or %offer board.
Board specific rules:
- the topic starter must post the deal in the thread, do not ask for pm for info or link to other forums, facebook or blogs
- stay in your own thread, do not spam!
- only use original links, no hidden or shortened links.
- Bump max once every 24 hours
- do not chit chat in the threads, stay on topic
- do not post offers or exchanges for other forums
- if you posted an offer and your inactive or away make a post, let other know whats going on, if you have not logged in for 28 days your thread will be removed

- before you post a PTSU check the referal link of the offered PTSU site works correctly.
- if you want active members add a (reasonable) activity requirement when posting the PTSU
- completed offers must be approved or denied within 48 hours of submission

some members may choose to arrange offer deals via pm.   Do so at your own risk, if you are reported spamming you will be banned.

For those accepting offers via pm please consider there is probably a very good reason for the offer not being made in public.

just one word of advice:
before you participate in any cash offers check exactly how and when payment will be sent.  if the sender does not have masspay and is not able to use paypal personal payments you will be charged a fee of at least $0.35 by paypal.  this may result in you receiving exactly $0.00
the minimum amount the may be sent by payza is $1.00 and you will be charged at least $0.55 fees by payza

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Re: PTSU Board Rules
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2009, 01:52:44 AM »
I think that the person with the offer should put the name of the site in subject line, just a suggestion  ;D easier to sift through sign-up offers

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Re: PTSU Board Rules
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2016, 04:02:56 PM »
Good information