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Title: BigHits ó Innovative Free Web Traffic and Social Media Exchange
Post by: billdoxara on March 03, 2018, 01:56:51 PM
 Are you tired of paying Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media networks to promote your page, post, or website content?

Facebook rapid advertising strategy has gone way beyond and businesses canít really reach their organic followers if they donít pay for sponsored ads to promote their posts.

Doesnít it look weird to you that this post has only 1.1k likes/engagement and only 24 shares with some 102 million fans? It looks weird to me too, but thatís the reality.

So what can you do in order to improve your presence and to actually donít spend tons of money to get more engagement on your posts?

There are quite a few options out there which include a lot of hard work, building connections, or spending tons of money in promoting your social media pages and posts. But is there any easier way?

Of course there is! There are tons of social media exchange platforms claiming that they can do a lot if you pay very little, but did you know that this could be done for free? Yes, for free! BigHits is absolutely free website traffic, media and social media exchange platform. The platform has 4 key advantages:

    Autosurf Websites
    Manual Websites surfing
    Media(Videos) surfing
    Social Media sharing

Overview and how it really works?

The Autosurfing Websites ó The platform allows every user to autosurf other users websites and videos. In exchange, the user gains points which he or she can use towards promoting their websites or videos.

Manual Websites surfing ó You can also choose which website/url you would like to browse. This option is great because users can choose among a large list of urls and browse through the ones that can gain them the most points! So why not give it a go?

Media(Videos) surfing ó The principle here is very simple. You watch other users Youtube videos. The more videos you watch, the more points you gain. The more points have, the more you can appoint towards your videos and websites.

Social Media sharing ó Probably the most effective free option you can get your hands on. Users add their websites, blog posts, social media posts in order to be shared by other users on Facebook. Simple as that! You choose which posts to share on your wall! This is a great way to say no to Facebook ads and to say YES to social media exchange! The more you share posts of other BigHits users, the more your posts will be shared in exchange. What a steal isnít it?

BigHits is believed by many to be one of the fastest growing exchange platforms in 2017; the best new alternative for sites like Hitleap which offers free web traffic and also the very best alternative of social exchange platform.

If you are ready to gain more genuine website traffic, video views, and shares of your social media and blog posts, donít wait, but sign up for a free account at

In the next couple of months, the platform promises to launch a great new program for Mac, Linux, and Windows in order to completely automate your web surfing and social media exchange efforts.


BigHits ó Innovative Free Web Traffic and Social Media Exchange Platform. Sign up today!