Author Topic: Paidverts clone script (Revenue-Sharing) script! RevenueRindle is on sale!  (Read 2460 times)

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RevenueRindle is a recently launched revenue-sharing script based on Paidverts idea. Coded with security in mind, it is lite-weight yet fully working with a decent admin panel to assist you to maintain your website's daily affairs.

It's cheap, packed with features which are required to boost your business' sales high. It has a user-friendly interface both for the admin panel and end-user. The script is coded with security and user interests in mind. Perfect features for businesses and end users, tools that your users want the most.

Packed with different kinds of advertising features including: Main Paid Ads, Cash (PTC) Ads, Fixed Ads, Banner Ads, Directory Ads, Video Ads, Login Ads, PTP Ads and Grid-Ads. And, over 6 payment processors including PayPal, Payza, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, SolidTrustPay and CratePay. Further, it also includes 6 types of offerwalls: ClixWall, PTCWall, OfferToro, Matomy, and SuperRewards.

There's full security against the bad guys and bots! Bots cannot breach through neither can bad guys. No encryption, more freedom. At Avidity, we don't encrypt any file. All of the script code is free and can be modified in accordance to your desires and needs.

The script comes with a decent Bootstrap theme by default, you can either design and integrate a new one or simply use the same one. RevenueRindle contains the feature to create different memberships and packages for advertising categories. The script is fully configurable via the admin panel. You can optimize the database and take backups with one-click. Further, the script also contains EVAL mode.

You can setup your own Paidverts clone script with more and better features in almost no time. The cost is $99 only but provides a tons of features and revenue-sharing websites got a potential of making thousands of dollars every month if done right. The script includes rights to remove the footer link and contains the full version of the script along with free updates and upgrades.


Frontend (Admin Panel disabled on demo for security reasons):

User: admin
Password: password

Admin Panel (Screenshots):

Screenshot #1:
Screenshot #2:
Screenshot #3:
Screenshot #4:


1. Robust, powerful and ridiculously good!
2. Make and remove account memberships with ease.
3. Look at the campaigns created, suspend and approve them.
4. Uses SolveMedia as captcha to increase site revenue.
5. Robust security.
6. Multiple payment processors including PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and CratePay.
7. Forums and Support Center.
8. We provide great support for the script.
9. Edit global site settings in no time.
10. Look at the total sales done and profits you made.

There are a lot of ideas and features that we're planning to have in the script in future.

How can I buy the script?

That's simple and straightforward. Simply, use the messaging system and PM me or simply mail me at: hello[at]areebmajeed[dot]me. However, the best method is to buy directly from the Inculutus store:



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