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    • Wadnex SCAM!!
« on: April 28, 2018, 08:47:55 AM »
Stay away from, as the admin is a SCAMMER.

Admin is suspending accounts before cashing out. I had 70+ direct referrals and $2.8 in my main balance (minimum is $3), and today, when I tried to login, I saw this:

I have tried to contact support, but they directly close my tickets without answering.

Appart from that, the site is giving free premium for new members, and they offer 10 ads of $0.02 (without timer) every day. So they offer $0.20 daily  :laugh: :laugh:
Another symptom that the site is SCAM.

Site design is cool, but not everithing that shines is gold!
Stay away from this site and its scammer admin. If not, you will only lost your time and money.